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Inventive Ways Global Cities Are Conserving Water

by Justin Worland (Time, 31 Aug 2015) Below are four inventive ways that cities around the globe are working to conserve water: Floating Shade Balls:  Los Angeles’s is using shade balls, which blocks the sun over reservoirs to prevent evaporation … Continue reading

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“The Circle”: A Short Book Review

The Circle, Dave Eggers’ new critique of social media and the way we stay “connected,” is a snoozer.  I purchased the novel based on a positive review by Lev Grossman in Time magazine (14 Oct 2013).  Grossman refers to the book as a “bisteringly … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Future Perfect

To help better manage water in the western United States, water users are increasingly relying on real-time monitoring and control.  This involves providing more timely information to decision-support models and eliminating much of the human element.  Similar, but much more … Continue reading

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Concerns About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

The recent National Geographic magazine has a lengthy article on drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles).  At the end, there is a discussion of two of the primary concerns with UAVs, particularly civilian applications. The first concern is with safety.  For example, a UAV … Continue reading

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Watching Special Ops in Real-Time

According to Time magazine (7 May 2012), the assault on the Osama Bin Ladin enclave in Pakistan was watched in real-time by President Obama, cabinet members, and staff: Adjoining the White House Situation Room is a smaller meeting room,  [with] secure video … Continue reading

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Are Multiple Computer Screens a Good Idea?

Several years ago, I attached three monitors to my work computer.  It made life a lot easier for me.  On one screen I kept my Internet work, on the second my email and other communications, and on the third my word processing.  Since then, I’ve added a … Continue reading

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The Earth Will Soon Be Sentient

I’ve written another blog piece for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (, this time on the future evolution of the Earth.  It can be read and commented on at If you are so inclined you can also comment … Continue reading

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