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Raised Mormon: Kip Thorne, Cosmic Visionary

Kip Thorne was recently named to Time magazine’s “100 most influential people” list. Tribute by Christopher Nolan, Acclaimed Film Director [1] About 1.3 billion years before Kip Thorne was born, a pair of black holes collided in space, rattling the fabric … Continue reading

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Traditional Churches Are Obsolete . . . Now What?

Traditional religious institutions are rapidly becoming obsolete.  They are unable to keep up with the rapid advances that are occurring in science, technology . . . and with the acceleration of change in general.  There is a need for an … Continue reading

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What Can Mormons (and Other Christians) Learn from Atheists?

In a Q&A session posted on, atheist author Sam Harris answered the following question:  What do you think the role of religion is in determining human morality? It is generally an unhelpful one.  Religious ideas about good and evil … Continue reading

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An Atheist’s Thoughtful Observation

In Time magazine (29 Sep 2014), the following question is put to British novelist Ian McEwan.  His answer is very enlightening. A family in [your new novel The Children Act] wants to withhold medical treatment for their child because they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses. … Continue reading

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Atheists: Borrowing from Religion?

Atheist Alain de Bottom has written a new book titled:  Religion for Atheists:  A Non-Believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion.  His premise is that religion stripped of the supernatural has elements to offer atheists; that there are some things that … Continue reading

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“Losing Faith”

Recently there was an article in City Weekly (12 Jan 2012) by Greg Wilcox titled:  “Losing Faith:  Finding a New  Path Without God.”  The focus of the article was on several young individuals leaving Mormonism, becoming atheists, and joining a … Continue reading

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Transhumanism, Immortality, and Prolonging Human Lives

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner makes the following statements about Transhumanist and Immortality: Transhumanists . . . aspire for a type of immortality, though, in most cases, this is not literal immortality but rather a long life or a prolonging of human … Continue reading

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