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Jane Goodall: One of Time’s 100 Most Influential (2019)

By Leonardo DiCaprio I admired Jane Goodall long before we ever met. I knew of her landmark work with chimpanzees in Gombe. I had read about her, read books written by her, but it was only when I got to … Continue reading

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Ghanaian Trade Beads (Recycled Glass)

Earlier this week (April 2019), I visited a bead fabrication shop in Accra, Ghana.  It was a informative experience. Trade beads have a long history in the West African.  Ghanaian beads, for example, were once a form of national currency … Continue reading

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Installing Playground Equipment in the Accra, Ghana, Area

At the Accra airport, I was met by a friend of a friend, Paul G.  His family was nice enough to offer me board and room during my short stay in Ghana. Paul had selected 3 locations to install playgrounds … Continue reading

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Bidibidi: A New Concept for Refugee Settlement?

By Nina Strochlic (NG, April) Bidibidi, with a quarter million people living in many villages in northwestern Uganda, is the second largest refugee camp in the world, after the Rohingya camp in Bangladesh.  [To create the camp,] a forest was … Continue reading

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Cyclone Hits Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

In 2017, a friend Bret Berger and I spent several days in Gorongosa National Park, in northern Mozambique.  The park is directed by Greg Carr, a high school acquaintance of Bret’s.  Northern Mozambique was recently devastated by murderous cyclone (Stephen … Continue reading

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Traveling with My Grandchildren

I’ve traveled with my grandchildren a lot, sometimes with their parent(s), but frequently without. All of my experiences have been great. On my most recent expedition, my grandson James and I traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to explore the local game … Continue reading

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Animal Parks Around Jacksonville, Florida

My grandson James enjoys studying animals.  So on our way to Washington DC, we took a brief detour to Jacksonville, Florida.  There we visited 3 wildlife parks. The first was White Oak Conservation north of Jacksonville on the Georgia border. … Continue reading

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