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Experiences Building Shade Structures in the Navajo Nation and Uganda

In the Navajo Nation, we have constructed a variety of shade structures/car ports that are designed as rainwater harvesting structures, complete with water storage tanks. Because many Navajos don’t have piped water, these structures reduce the need to haul water … Continue reading

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Working with Prison Inmates in Uganda

Our group has a developing relationship with a low-security prison in Lira, Uganda. The inmates at the facility all have relately short sentences, less than 5 years. They wear bright yellow shorts and tops. So they’re easy to spot. The … Continue reading

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Rwandan Nativity Scene: Where Does All the Money Go?

Just before Christmas, I was looking through a Deseret Book flyer when I noticed an advertised Rwandan nativity scene offered for $60. The price shocked me; it seemed incredibly high. I had purchased an identical one in Uganda a few … Continue reading

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Mormons Learning to “Just Say No”

Mormons have been taught not to refuse a church calling. Whether you are called to the position of Relief Society President or home teacher, you just say yes. After all, your Church leaders are inspired. A post on the Mormon … Continue reading

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Checking Out the Ugandan Presidential Campaign

This month Ugandans are electing a President. Campaign posters are obnoxiously everywhere including on road signs. Making the signs useless. A few days ago a major candidate, Kizza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change party, came through the small … Continue reading

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A Lively Playground Rocker

We are constantly looking for new types of playground equipment to install, designs that are appropriate for a developing country environment. We started by building swing sets based on an American design. We then added seesaws and pyramidal-topped climbing towers. … Continue reading

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Portraits of Ugandan Children

Below are photographs of children that I taken on trips to Uganda.

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