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Loose-tight Management

In an article in Time magazine (19 Dec 2011), reporter Bill Saporito discusses the management style of Sergio Marchionne, boss of Chrysler, Fiat, and Fiat Industrial: . . . Marchionne brings an analytical ability that allows him to drill down … Continue reading

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Here’s to the Modern American Family

Last week, I went to visit my son and his family in Manassas VA; my grandson was being ordained a Deacon in the Aaron Priesthood (think of it as a Mormon Bar Mitzvah) and I wanted to be there.  After the … Continue reading

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“The Descendants,” A Movie Review

The movie “The Descendants,” starring George Clooney, received generally favorable reviews (90 percent approval rating on with one critic calling it a “masterpiece”).  I’m not sure why.  It is heavily flawed for several reasons: The movie is a comedy-drama with an Hawaiian subplot, … Continue reading

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A Relative in LDS Borderlands

Last Sunday, my aunt Kay died.  She was 94 years old, and had been suffering from dimentia.  Her death was not unexpected.  Aunt Kay and my genetic uncle had been married for 71 years.  Uncle Vincent, who is 98 (+or- … Continue reading

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The Mormon Concept of a Pre-existence

I recently wrote a blog entry for IEET about the intersection of transhumanism and Mormonism.  One paragraph dealt with the Mormon version of the pre-existence: Mormons, as part of their worldview (known as the ‘Plan of Salvation’), believe in a long … Continue reading

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Please Do Away with Curses

The LDS Church has historically been plagued with alleged curses — the curse of Cain (or Ham), the curse of the Laminites, etc.  These racial (or racist) beliefs need to be seriously reconsidered.  The priesthood is now given to Afro-Americans, … Continue reading

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Paying for Miracles

I’ve never been comfortable with the concept of connecting monetary contributions with miracles or blessings or inspiration.  This idea seems wrong for several reasons: bad things also happen to people who pay their tithing and make other monetary contributions the concept seems … Continue reading

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