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How Big is the Mormon Tent?

One liberal version of the Mormon tent size was presented by President Joseph F. Smith in testimony before the Congress of the United States (mid-1910s).  He testified that LDS Church members are given the largest possible latitude of their convictions, and if a man … Continue reading

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Mormons, “Can We Handle the Truth?”

Jack Nicholson, in the movie A Few Good Men, utters the famous line:  “You can’t handle the truth!”  Is that also true of contemporary Mormons?  We can’t handle “truth” about our history? Julie Smith in her review of the book Brigham … Continue reading

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The Color of Christ in Africa

Since the recent publication of the book The Color of Christ by Edward Blum and Paul Harvey, there have been at least two discussions of the issue on the bloggernacle.  The one that I found the most interesting is by … Continue reading

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Comments about LDS Missions, Part IV (Philip G. McLemone)

There seems to be a lot of individuals who want to write about their LDS missions.  Here is the experience of Philip G. McLemone (Sunstone, Sep 2012): My first mission president in Brazil was determined to have the top baptizing mission … Continue reading

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Comments about LDS Missions, Part III (Eric Samuelson)

The following is an experience that happened to Eric Samuelson during his Norway mission from 1975 to 1977.  It was first published in Sunstone (Sep 2012): The Dusseldorf Door Approach:  The regional general authority over our mission spoke at a … Continue reading

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“Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet,” a Book Review

I have not read John G. Turner’s new biography of Brigham Young.  But I understand that it is an outstanding piece of scholarship.  The following is an excerpt from a Gary James Bergera review of Brigham Young:  Pioneer Prophet that appeared in … Continue reading

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Inexpensive Unmanned Aerial Survey Aircraft

Thursday of last week (4 Oct 2012), I spent part of a day with the AggieAir Flying Circus, a Utah State University group that is demonstrating the utility of using inexpensive model airplanes to do aerial survey work.  This research activity was … Continue reading

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