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Words of Wisdom

affluenza (noun):  a portmanteau derived from af(fluent) + (in)fluenza; extreme materialism which is the impetus for accumulating wealth and for overconsumption of goods; also, feelings of guilt and isolation from the dysfunctional pursuit of wealth and goods; a disease caused … Continue reading

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Whitehead and God

According to Victor Lowe (1990, 187), one of the reasons that Alfred North Whitehead rejected both Canterbury and Rome was “his dislike of the doctrine of Almighty Power which they both maintained.”  Whitehead disapproval of traditional ideas of omnipotence is … Continue reading

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MaryJane Butters in the SLTrib (29 Dec 2010) recommends the following for the New Year: Nuture a need – These days, donating money to big organizations with grand goals can leave you feeling disconnected.  You mail the check, but where … Continue reading

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Anti-Science Beliefs and Religion

I’m greatly concerned about of the anti-science stance associated with conservative Christians, tea party members, and the LDS Church.  I’m particularly troubled by the latter becaused I am a Mormon.  It is my heritage. But science is also in my blood.  My … Continue reading

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Eugene England as Galileo

The most recent Sunstone (Dec 2010) has a tribute to Eugene England by Charlotte Hansen.  In it she discusses “Academic Freedom and Religious Dialogue.”  I quote from her article: In 1992, during a Sunstone Symposium session, England learned about the … Continue reading

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Christ and Doubt

Adam C. Olson, wrote an op-ed piece for the Jan 2011 Ensign concerning Christ’s statement: “My God, my God, why hast though forsaken me?” He asks the question:  Did this cry rise from uncertainty–even doubt?  Olson unsurprising concludes that Christ’s cry … Continue reading

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A Disappointing History of the New Testament

On Christmas Day, I picked up the January 2011 edition of the Ensign.  It contains an article titled “The Historical Context of the New Testament” by Thomas A. Wayment, Associate Professor of Ancient History at BYU.  The six page article manages … Continue reading

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