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Christian (Including LDS) Theology: Who Is Your Neighbor?

Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women General President, in a recent LDS General Conference talk related the following story: Sister Linda K. Burton told the story of a stake Relief Society president who working with others, collected quilts for people in … Continue reading

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Mormon Transhumanists . . . What is Our Responsibility?

In a clarion call, Dr. Miriam Leis calls on transhumanists to get more involved in politics, business management, and perhaps even ecclesiastical hierarchies.  She starts out by describing the “sad” state-of-affairs: Although many transhumanist ideas may sound disruptive and revolutionary … Continue reading

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Going to Pot in the Netherlands

Sorry about the pun. A couple of months ago, I asked my hotel concierge where to go to get high.  He suggested “#36,” a bar located a few blocks from the hotel. I bypassed most of the “turn on/tune in/drop out” experience of the … Continue reading

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Swinging in Ethiopia

Yesterday (5 Feb 2013), we were driving northwest out of Lalibela, Ethiopia.  We were headed toward an ancient monastic church located in a large mountain cavern. We were about 50 gravel-road kilometers out of Lalibela, the last few k’s on … Continue reading

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I’ve always considered myself a bit of a non-violent anarchist.  I’m extremely cynical about the value of organizations, particularly in an era when it’s easy to self-organize around specific tasks.  Most mature organizations seem to degenerate into self-preservation activities (including assimilation).  … Continue reading

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Are Leaderless Organizations Practical?

Jeffrey Neilsen, in an op-ed piece in the SLTrib (26 Oct 2011), describes some recent examples of leaderless communities: the Arab Spring in the Middle East, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and even the Tea Party While I find these … Continue reading

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Creating Leaderless Organizations

According to an op-ed piece by Jeffrey Nielsen in SLTrib (26 Oct 2011), leaderless communities have a future: Leadership by its very definition sets up relationships of unequal power.  You can’t have a leader without a follower, and the inevitable … Continue reading

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