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Ani: Capital of an Ancient Armenian Kingdom

In 1989 when my twin sons graduated from high school, the 3 of us made a 4-week tour of Turkey.  We selected Turkey because of its rich and varied history.  Of particular interest to me were the ancient Armenian ruins … Continue reading

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Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel

I love projects that use ancient technology to solve modern problems. Baltimore’s “Mr. Trash Wheel is one such project. According to a short article by Eve Conant (NG April 2016): The rising star of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, known to locals … Continue reading

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Melinda Gates: Why Poverty is Sexist

By Melinda Gates, Co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [1] Women and girls are more likely to be impoverished, less likely to get an education and more likely to suffer bad health. And when they’re born into poverty, … Continue reading

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Picturesque Navajo Hogan

Near Navajo Mountain, is a very picturesque hogan, a traditional abode and ceremonial venue for Navajos. This hogan is wonderfully sited near the bottom of an arid canyon. The surrounding landscape is much like I would imagine the moon to … Continue reading

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Maasai and Cell Phone Technology

By Daniel Stone [1] The Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania live a semi-nomadic, pastoral life, seeking out areas of fresh pasture and building enclosures to protect their livestock. For cultural anthropologists who wonder how off-the-grid people are being changed … Continue reading

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Is “Ordain Women” Rolling Over and Playing Dead?

“Ordain Women” has certainly cut back on its suggestions for improving the institution of Mormonism. Their latest suggestions are to allow women to: 1. Be official witnesses at baptisms, a role currently reserved for males. 2. Sit with young Mormon … Continue reading

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