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Think of Your Fellowman

Recently I spent the weekend with my Mother in St. George.    I was reminded of some of the wonderful things that Mormons are doing around the world.  It is a shame that more is not done to recognize and encourage … Continue reading

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Ignoring is Bliss

An article in the blog “LDS Anarchy” proposes the concept of “congregational nullification.”  It is based on the concept of “jury nullification”:  or making a law void by jury decision.  In congregational nullification, a church action is rendered void by … Continue reading

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Deck the Halls with ???

Mormon churches have a reputation for rather dull interior decor, particularly when compared to medieval cathedrals, Hindu temples and the like.  While I’m not suggesting a more ornate decor, a little sprucing up would certainly be in order.  Our churches could use more personality … Continue reading

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