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Hand Washing Units: A Needed Addition to Our Playground Equipment List

For the last 10 years, we have been installing playgrounds in primary schools in 10 countries spread around the world.  And we’ve installed a wide variety of equipment. For future installations, we are going to start installing hand washing stations … Continue reading

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Easter Island’s Water Supply and the Siting of the Moais

By Jason Daley (Smithsonian Magazine) Archaeologists have figured out a lot about the moai, the giant stone heads found on Rapa Nui or Easter Island, a tiny dot of land in the Pacific Ocean administered by Chile. They know what quarries … Continue reading

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Cheonggyecheon: Seoul’s Urban Park and Artificial Stream

A couple of years ago, I had a 12-hour layover in Seoul, Korea.  I took the opportunity to sign up for a tour of downtown Seoul.  As it turned out, the most interesting portion of the tour was Cheonggyecheon, Seoul’s … Continue reading

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Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel

I love projects that use ancient technology to solve modern problems. Baltimore’s “Mr. Trash Wheel is one such project. According to a short article by Eve Conant (NG April 2016): The rising star of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, known to locals … Continue reading

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Inventive Ways Global Cities Are Conserving Water

by Justin Worland (Time, 31 Aug 2015) Below are four inventive ways that cities around the globe are working to conserve water: Floating Shade Balls:  Los Angeles’s is using shade balls, which blocks the sun over reservoirs to prevent evaporation … Continue reading

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What is History?/What is Gossip?

For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in history; I have a BA degree in the subject from Brigham Young University.  My principal interest at the time of graduation was European medieval history.  I served a … Continue reading

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Sandra Postel on Freshwater Management

The following is a quote from an essay by Sandra Postel, an NG Freshwater Fellow, from the book Written in Water (edited by Irene Salina): Is there honest hope for a water-secure world, one in harmony with earth’s life-giving water … Continue reading

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