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Impoverished Primary Schools in Rwenzori Mountain Villages

We first started traveling to Rwenzori Mountain villages to install playground equipment.  However as we got higher and higher into the mountains, we found the village school facilities to more and more primitive.  It became extremely obvious that the schools … Continue reading

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Navajo Mountain Adventure Tours

Enjoy horseback riding, ATVing, and 4-Wheeling in one of the most remote and beautiful locations in the lower United States. Navajo Mountain is located on the Utah/Arizona border and just east of Lake Powell.  The mountain itself functions as a sentinel … Continue reading

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Incas, Peru, and Book of Mormon Archaeology

I went to LDS sacrament meeting today.  The first speaker was a Peruvian with a heavy accent.  I’m not sure I totally understood his message, but I think he believes that the Inca archaeological ruins in his native Peru testify … Continue reading

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More Playground Work in the Rwenzori Mountains (Kyarumba)

In November of 2018, we traveled to the community of Kyarumba, located at the southern end of the Rwenzori Mountains in southwestern Uganda.  The reason for the visit was 2 fold:  1. install more playground equipment and 2. learn more about … Continue reading

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Easter Island’s Water Supply and the Siting of the Moais

By Jason Daley (Smithsonian Magazine) Archaeologists have figured out a lot about the moai, the giant stone heads found on Rapa Nui or Easter Island, a tiny dot of land in the Pacific Ocean administered by Chile. They know what quarries … Continue reading

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Helping at Queen of Peace Junior School near Mbale, Uganda

SeeeMe, a Logan-based nonprofit, provided funding for Judith Nalube to start a junior school near Mbale, Uganda.  On my recent trip to Uganda, I was able to help some with the school.  Our major activities were: install additional playground equipment; … Continue reading

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