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Michael Otterson and Mormon Feminists

Updated:  31 My 2014 Michael Otterson, managing director of Public Affairs for the LDS Church, sent out an open letter on the issue of Mormon feminism.  The letter was posted on both and  On the latter, there are … Continue reading

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Rock Monsters, Hurricane Katrina, and the Movie “Noah”

The Genesis story of Noah and the Flood is truly bizarre.  And with the recent release of the movie Noah, the legend has become increasing strange.  With all the discussion around the “accuracy” of the movie, the “inerrancy” of the flood story, … Continue reading

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Gospel Song: “Take My Mother Home”

At an Easter performance of the Orem (Utah) Chorale, I was emotionally touched by the Negro spiritual “Take My Mother Home”: I think I heard Him say when He was struggling up the hill/I think I heard Him say, take … Continue reading

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My Favorite Cartoon

Charles Barsotti (born 1933) is an American cartoonist who has contributed to several major magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post and The New Yorker.  His rounded, elegant, and sparse style evokes the traditional world of James Thurber.

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Olga Fisch, Artist and Folklorist

In 1961, my family traveled to Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador.  I was 16, and my brothers and I had a great time. While in Quito, we visited the studio of Olga Fisch, a Hungarian expat.  There, she and her staff … Continue reading

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Artistic Waterwheels and Drums in Southern Utah

We were traveling the scenic Hell’s Backbone Road between Escalante and Boulder UT, when we came upon a small B&B called the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch.  We were interested in checking out the accommodations.  Unfortunately the owner/operators were not there. … Continue reading

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Sculptural Spider for Your Playground or Rock Garden

Updated:  8 Aug 2014 To add mirth to playgrounds and outdoor decor (particularly xeriscaped areas and rock gardens), you may want to consider a large metallic spider.  The one below was designed and welded by a friend, Dick Marvin, for … Continue reading

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