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Wooden Playground in Barney Castle Garden, Ireland

There is a small playground mostly made of wooden poles on the Blarney Castle grounds.  (No I did not kiss the Barney Stone.  But near the stone, I took a dive and sprained by knee and bruised my hip.  I … Continue reading

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Europe’s Two Oldest Lighthouses

Tower of Hercules, Galacia, Spain The first stone of what is now known as the Tower of Hercules, was laid just after the time of Christ.  During the 1st century A.D., the lighthouse guided Roman ships as they travelled north during … Continue reading

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Irish Monks in the Early Middle Ages

At the Irish National Stud and Gardens, located near Dublin, is an beautifully landscaped area dedicated to Irish monks of the early Middle Ages.  The St. Fiachra’s Garden (information from garden signs): . . . seeks to capture the inspiration … Continue reading

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Bluff’s (Utah) 2016 Burnable Art

Most years just before the Winter Solstice, artists in Bluff, Utah, construct a masterpiece out of sticks and twigs.  In 2016, their burnable art was 2 large cranes.  They torched in on the solstice, Dec 20th.

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Playground Structure: Reciprocating Snake

The below reciprocating snake structure was observed in a playground in Kildare, Ireland: This structure might be a great addition to a playground area with a lot of space.

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LDS Miracle in Ethiopia?

Elder M. Russell Ballard, an LDS apostle, recently retold one of his personal spiritual experiences, proof to him of miracles.  His talk is summarized in Elder Ballard relates an experience he had in 1984 visiting Ethiopia during the terrible ’83-’85 … Continue reading

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Outdoor Waterless Urinals in Paris

Over 50 years ago, I served an LDS mission in northeastern France (Alsace-Lorraine).  Public urination was a problem.  For example, on the exterior of Strasbourg’s beautiful Gothic cathedral were “defense d’uriner” (don’t urinate) signs.  The signs didn’t seem to do … Continue reading

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