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The Future of Mormon Theology

According Blake Ostler writing on   The primary task of Mormon theology for the foreseeable future is to assess its relationship to naturalism and the scientific worldview. Many Mormons view God as located within and limited by our “particular … Continue reading

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“Losing Faith”

Recently there was an article in City Weekly (12 Jan 2012) by Greg Wilcox titled:  “Losing Faith:  Finding a New  Path Without God.”  The focus of the article was on several young individuals leaving Mormonism, becoming atheists, and joining a … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter struggled as a President, but I’ve always admired him as a human being and as a  humanitarian.  The following Q&A is from Time magazine (30 Jan 2012): Should voters care about the faith of candidates? I think moral values … Continue reading

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I’ve always considered myself a bit of a non-violent anarchist.  I’m extremely cynical about the value of organizations, particularly in an era when it’s easy to self-organize around specific tasks.  Most mature organizations seem to degenerate into self-preservation activities (including assimilation).  … Continue reading

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“The Responsibility of (Mormon) Intellectuals,” A Review

James Faulconer, the Richard L. Evans Professor of Religious Understanding at Brigham Young University, recently wrote the following on Whereas an intellectual is duty-bound to criticize those in political power as needed and to use his or her learning … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney is no George Romney

The press and editorialists are continuing to pummel Mitt Romney.  Commenting on issues related to Romney’s federal taxes, Nobel-Prize-winning, liberal economist Paul Krugman writes: . . . Although  disclosure of tax returns is standard practice for political candidates, Romney has … Continue reading

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The Mormon Persecution Complex

According to a recently released Pew Forum poll, a whopping 46% of Mormon respondents said that Mormons face “a lot of discrimination” in modern America.  No surprise there, it is a favorite theme in LDS Church meetings at all levels. Ken … Continue reading

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