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A Little Christmas Cynicism

I went to church on Christmas Day because the children and Ward choirs were performing.  Hearing them sing is always a pleasant experience. Getting dressed for church is always problematic.  What should I wear?  A white shirt is out.  No … Continue reading

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Stephen R. Covey’s Conformity Model Sucks

Years ago, I was required to attend a 3-day Stephen R. Covey workshop (taught by one of his minions). It was a followup to his highly successful 7-Habits workshop. At the time, Stephen had just been named by Time as … Continue reading

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John Lennon: “Imagine” a Better World

Happy 75th Birthday John Lennon. Listening to Lennon’s hymn Imagine has always been a spiritual experience for me.  It causes me to stop and recommit to my assumptions. “Imagine there’s no countries/It isn’t hard to do/Nothing to kill or die for/And … Continue reading

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Mormons Gone Wild

Updated:  9 Jun 2014 Lately, there seems to be a rash of western Mormons behaving strangely.  Unfortunately, all have succesfully made the national news.  I will mention 5 here: Cliven Bundy:  ABC News describes Bundy as “a 67-year-old partriarch of … Continue reading

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My Favorite Cartoon

Charles Barsotti (born 1933) is an American cartoonist who has contributed to several major magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post and The New Yorker.  His rounded, elegant, and sparse style evokes the traditional world of James Thurber.

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What Is Our Responsibility to Those in Need?

Three years ago, I purchased a short book titled The Moral Underground in which the author, Professor Lisa Dodson, paints a rather depressing picture of the way some corporations treat their low-income workers.  Her conclusion is that “helping the less … Continue reading

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Are Leaderless Organizations Practical?

Jeffrey Neilsen, in an op-ed piece in the SLTrib (26 Oct 2011), describes some recent examples of leaderless communities: the Arab Spring in the Middle East, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and even the Tea Party While I find these … Continue reading

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