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We Are Loving Utah’s Natural Wonders to Death

The traffic into and out of Utah national parks and other scenic attractions is spiraling upward out of control. Last summer on a quick visit to Zion National Park, there were cars parked along both sides of the road for … Continue reading

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Our Primate Ancestors and Alcohol Consumption

By Andrew Curry, Writer [1] From our modern point of view, ethanol has one very compelling property:  It makes us feel good.  Ethanol helps release serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins in the brain, chemicals that make us happy and less anxious. … Continue reading

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Circumnavigating Lake Victoria, on Land

Our motor trip around Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, began in Masaka, Uganda. Our vehicle was an old Toyota SUV (the same one we had crashed 2 years before).  From Masaka, we headed south toward the Tanzania border. … Continue reading

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Installing Playground Equipment on Islands in Lake Victoria, Uganda

In January 2017, we visited two islands just off the coast of Entebbe in Lake Victoria.  As part of this visit, we offered to return and install playground equipment.  To get the equipment to the island, we chartered a small … Continue reading

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Improving the Water-use Efficiency of the Shower Head

The bathroom shower is major contributor to water usage in the American home.  But in the future, that need not be the case. A Dymaxion bathroom (circa post-WWII), designed by Buckminster Fuller, was equipped with “fog gun” hot water vapor … Continue reading

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Orangutans: Struggling to Survive

By Mel White, Author [1] Unlike gorillas and chimpanzees, orangutans live mostly solitary lives.  They spend nearly all their time in the treetops, they wander widely, and for the most part they inhabit rugged forest or swampy lowlands that’s hard … Continue reading

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Innovative Design Considerations for Outdoor Playgrounds

There is a wonderful variety of designs and options for outdoor playgrounds, including the following 6: All-Inclusive:  Children with disabilities often cannot play on a standard playground and therefore cannot take advantage of the benefits that play provides.  An all-inclusive … Continue reading

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