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Anti-science, Religion, and the Tea Party

For NYT’s columnist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman (SLTrib 30 Aug 2011), anti-science among Tea Party Republicans is a concern: [Rick] Perry, the governor of Texas [and Republican candidate for President], recently made headlines by dismissing evolution as “just a … Continue reading

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Palmer Court: Helping the Homeless

On 4 Aug 2011, Lloyd S. Pendleton gave a presentation at Sunstone Symposium titled:  “To Give or Nor to Give.”  According to his program bio: Lloyd S. Pendleton took the lead in 2004 in writing and implementing Utah’s 10-Year Plan for … Continue reading

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Mormon Apologetics . . . Why?

The downside of Joanna Brooks’ Washington Post apologetic article titled “Five persistent myths about Mormonism” is demonstrated in the SLTrib (26 Aug 2011).  In an article title “Myths about Mormonism,” Eric Johnson keeps the debate alive.  Brooks by bringing up … Continue reading

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The Wandering Gene

According to an article in The New Yorker by Elizabeth Kolbert (15&22 Aug 2011): . . . By about 45,000 years ago, modern humans had already reached Australia, a journey that, even mid-ice age, meant crossing open water.  Archaic humans … Continue reading

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Eating Insects in Africa

According to Dana Goodyear writing The New Yorker (15&22 August 2011): On a trip to Africa in 1995, when Arnold van Huis (an entomologist who is working to establish a market for insect-based products in the Netherlands) was on sabbatical, … Continue reading

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Eating Insects to Save the Planet

According to Dana Goodyear writing in The New Yorker (Aug 15&22, 2011): Demographers have projected that by 2050 the world’s population will have increased to nine billion, and the demand for meat will grow with it, particularly in dense, industrializing … Continue reading

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Mormon Apologists, Please Stop

Joanna Brooks wrote a column titled “Five Myths About Mormonism” for The Washington Post (19 Aug 2011).  The 5 myths are: Mormons practice polygamy. Mormons aren’t Christian. Most Mormons are white, English-speaking conservatives. Mormon women are second-class citizens. A Mormon … Continue reading

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