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A Newly Discovered Ernest Untermann Sr. Oil Painting

I recently purchased an Ernest G. Untermann Sr. oil painting.  In the last few years of life, Untermann joined his son and daughter-in-law at the Natural History Museum in Vernal, Utah.  At the time, Ernest was in his 90’s.  During … Continue reading

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Dating the Pictographs in Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

By A.R. Williams [1] Using new techniques to gauge how long rocks have been exposed to sunlight, researchers have significantly narrowed the period in which [the surreal-sized pictographs in Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Utah] must have been painted. Their … Continue reading

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Chauvet Cave: 36,000-Year-Old Movies?

by Chip Walker [1] In his book La Prehistoire du Cinema, filmmaker and archaeologist Marc Azema argues that some the Chauvet Cave artists (recently discovered cave in southern France) were the world’s first animators, and the artists’ superimposed images combined with … Continue reading

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Cave at Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc, Southern France

by Chip Walter [1] It is as if we are walking into the throat of an enormous animal.  The tongue of a metal path arcs up and then drops downward into the blackness below.  The ceiling closes in, and in … Continue reading

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