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Improving the Water-use Efficiency of the Shower Head

The bathroom shower is major contributor to water usage in the American home.  But in the future, that need not be the case. A Dymaxion bathroom (circa post-WWII), designed by Buckminster Fuller, was equipped with “fog gun” hot water vapor … Continue reading

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Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House

In October 2016, with my grandson James, I visited the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.  To my surprise, tucked away in one corner of the museum, was a large aluminum structure shaped like a Hersey’s kiss.  To my surprise … Continue reading

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Open Message to LDS Church Leaders: It’s Time to Clean Up the Mess

The last few years have been rough ones for the LDS Church’s top leaders and PR department.  The Internet has made controlling the message impossible.  Mormon “history” is evolving into verifiable history, instead of sanitized propaganda.  And our theology has … Continue reading

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Giant Plastic Building Blocks

by Sarah Begley (Time, 12 Oct 2015) Build anything, anywhere, one piece at a time.  That’s the idea behind EverBlock, a new product that aims to be Lego for grownups, offering jumbo plastic blocks–the standard one measures 12 by 6 … Continue reading

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Inexpensive, Semi-permanent Housing for Developing Countries

According to a recent article in Time magazine (7 Jul 2014): “So many people don’t own the land they’re living on,” say veteran architect Doug Sharp of the millions living around the world squatting in informal settlements like refugee camps.  They don’t … Continue reading

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Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-Ino

German architect Valentin Gontjes van Beek and students from the Architecture Association in London have built a full-scale model of Le Corbusier’s seminal Maison Dom-Ino.  The structure was constructed in the Giardini of the Venice Biennale.  The AA wanted to … Continue reading

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A Further Look at Mixed Neighborhoods

by Allen Leigh, contributor When I moved to Utah about 20 years ago, I worked part-time for the local telephone company in Salt Lake City doing outdoor telephone work. This caused me to be in many neighborhoods in the city … Continue reading

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