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Five Artworks You Don’t Want to Miss at the Getty Museum

There are five wonderful, but under-publicized works of art that you don’t want to miss at the J. Paul Getty Museum near Los Angeles. Luca di Tomme’s Saint John the Baptist (Italian, late 1300):  This painting of John the Baptist is fascinating … Continue reading

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Goya: Images from the Dark Side

The Museum of Fine Art in Boston is currently having a much-praised Francisco Goya retrospective titled:  “Goya:  Order and Disorder.”  I need to get to Boston.  I’m a Goya fan. Time magazine’s art critic Richard Lacayo (27 Oct 2014) asks the … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts About Elders Holland’s “Beggar” Talk

At the 2014 Fall General Conference of the LDS Church, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave a challenging and compelling talk concerning our obligations to the poor.  But I’ve wondered about a couple of things.  But they are very minor. First, … Continue reading

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Comments About Mormon Missions, Part XIII (Robert Kirby)

By Robert Kirby, Forty years ago, I dragged a film production around South America while serving an LDS Church mission.  “Man’s Search for Happiness” was originally created for showing in the Mormon Pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, … Continue reading

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Mormon Transhumanists . . . What is Our Responsibility?

In a clarion call, Dr. Miriam Leis calls on transhumanists to get more involved in politics, business management, and perhaps even ecclesiastical hierarchies.  She starts out by describing the “sad” state-of-affairs: Although many transhumanist ideas may sound disruptive and revolutionary … Continue reading

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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on Poverty and Compassion

During the Saturday session of LDS October 2014 General Conference, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave a very inspirational talk titled “Aren’t We Not All Beggars?”  He starts his talk with a very strong statement: Down through history, poverty has been … Continue reading

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The Promise of Biotechnology

Sebastian Pereira in a wonderful post on writes about the horrible impacts of malnutrition.  My father was a biochemist and nutritionist, and this is a subject that was very dear to his heart.  He went on several nutritional surveys … Continue reading

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