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More Mormon Waffling on Deification

The following from T&S (14 Jun 2012) is a report by Dave Banack on a discussion between Robert Millet, Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU, and Greg Johnson, an Evangelical pastor who runs the Standing Together Ministry in Utah.  Together … Continue reading

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Comments About Romney’s Mormon Mission

In a previous post, I have discussed my Mormon mission.  In addition, I have second-hand knowledge of several other missions, including 4 involving my children (and their spouses), plus my father’s mission and my two grandfathers’ missions. In a recent article by … Continue reading

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Photographs of the World’s Great Salt Flats

Below are three images of three of the world’s great salt flats: Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah: Lake Uyuni, Altiplano, Bolivia: Lake Eyre, Australia:     Others: [To be added later]  

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The Eerie “Salt” Photographs of Murray Frederick

Over the last weekend, while channel surfing, I ended up watching the last two-thirds of a documentary titled:  Salt.  It was being shown on the PBS Channel World as part of the POV series. The documentary concerns the adventures of … Continue reading

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Taking Long, Affordable Vacations

When my oldest children turned 18, I started to take longer vacations.  (I wish I would have started when my kids were younger.)  The first trip we went on was a 5-week adventure to Turkey, with a short stop in the Greek … Continue reading

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Prometheus, A Movie Review

This review contains spoilers.  If you plan to see this movie (despite my suggestion otherwise), don’t read this post. This movie, like Avatar before it, is visually stunning, but in the end is a vapid effort.  It is sci-fi horror film that tries unsuccessfully … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-Winning Economist

The following Q&A was taken from Time magazine (June 11, 2012).  Although Joseph Stiglitz is talking uniquely about America, his answers would appear to apply globally: Is America kidding itself when it calls itself the land of opportunity? Yes, it … Continue reading

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