This blog is dedicated to the following:

  • An examination of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its culture.  I’m a fifth generation member, with most of my ancestors having ties to Cache Valley, UT.  During my formative years, I attended church at a very liberal Ward in East Lansing, MI.  But since 1960s, the LDS Church has morphed into something entirely different, but not necessarily better.
  • A personal diatribe about the social inquities on the planet Earth.  I live part-time in Uganda and in Navajoland, and would like to see the human and ecological environment in both areas of world greatly improved.  Thus, this blog is heavily weighted towards discussions of east-central Africa and the Colorado Plateau.
  • A belief that technology is one potential savior for the developing world, particularly in areas like Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.  This overly optimistic view of the potential of science, engineering, and technology has led me to transhumanism and the Mormon Transhumanist Association.
  • An exploration of the diversity in the world.  I love to travel and enjoy writing an occasional travelogue.  The world is a wonderful place, and its people are truly remarkable.

    Storm Brewing Over Monument Valley UT

  • And finally, espousing the virtues of anarchism, or as I like to call it “organized chaos”.  I want to see most hierarchies leveled (if not totally, at least partially); I want to see most organizational charts flattened; and I want individuals workers and believers to have more freedom.  Unfortunately both of the major organizations–the LDS Church and the Federal government–that I belong to or work for have very top-down management structures.  Does this cause frustrations . . . sure.

For me, there should be a strong tie between organized religion and social justice.  And there should be no digital divide.  That is what I hope ties this blog together.  The rest of what I write about is fluff.

3 Responses to Purpose

  1. “I want to see most hierarchies leveled”

    When your ready to include religious traditions by any name, and any elites standing in the way of progress, this is the place to start: http://www.energon.org.uk

  2. kurt says:

    Your intelligence and time is being wasted battling over which take on a fantasy is correct.

    • rogerdhansen says:

      The “fantacies” of religions don’t interest me much. What interests me more is the potential of the organizations to do good (love thy neighbor, if you will).

      For example, Mormon chapels in developing countries have a huge potential for encouraging good. They could be used as schools. The Church has a wealth of educated boomers–who are retiring–that could serve as teachers. The LDS Church could build a college/university in Africa or South America.

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