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The Real Jesus and Mary Magdalene

In this blog, I’ve argued for a more realistic depiction of Christ.   Mary Todd Grey on provides a stark, but unquestionably realistic, description of Jesus and his living conditions: As far as the world’s opinion of what constitutes greatness, … Continue reading

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Swing Set Installed in Belmopan, Belize

The third week in June, my grandson James and I traveled to Belize to meet up with members of the Arkansas Christian group “Share the Lovies.”  In Belmopan, one of the smallest national capitals in the world, we would be … Continue reading

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Easy to Maintain Double-Rail Playground Slide

In developing countries, standard metal slides can be a serious problem.  The sheet metal that the children slide on can: have rough joints, get hot during intemperate weather, and be subject to rusting in humid climes. For these reasons, I’ve … Continue reading

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Constructing a New Elementary School in Mbale, Uganda

Judy Nalube has been a long-time Uganda country coordinator for a Utah NGO:  the SeeeMe Foundation.  Last year, SeeeMe started contruction on an elementary school that operates just west of Mbale, Uganda.  The school initially has 3 classrooms, an office … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Pandering to Ultraconservatives on DACA

Monday This blog has never been a fan of Mitt Romney largely because he can’t seem to decide who is.  Is he the centrist Republican who was governor of Massachusetts?  Or is he the panderer to conservative Christians who ran … Continue reading

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Conceit of LDS (and Other Christian) Churches

Carolyn at makes the following assertion concerning the basics of Christianity: When I study the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this theme is pervasive.  God calls us to first believe – and then to do the difficult, soul-searching work of … Continue reading

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Melancholy Visit to a Batwa Pigmy Community in Southern Uganda

While the rest of my group was enjoying a gorilla trek in Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest, I decided to visit a Batwa pigmy community.  The Batwa were moved out of the rain forest to help protect the gorillas and their habitat.  … Continue reading

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