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Waiting for Densmore (The Doors’ Drummer)

On Saturday, I waited in line for 1-1/2 hours to get the autograph of John Densmore, former drummer of the late 1960s rock band The Doors.  I liked their music when it first came out (I have all their albums) and to … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith’s View of the Universe

Joseph Smith has been credited and accused of many things, but he has not been given enough credit for his revealed vision of the universe.  Coincidently, the and the Ensign magazine (Aug 2013) have parallel stories that emphasize this universe.  … Continue reading

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Mormon Doubt: A Personal Observation

The recent article by Laurie Goodstein on has had a cathartic effect on Mormons.  The last time I checked, there had been over 1,000 comments, the majority by Mormons and ex-Mormons.  And Mormon blog sites like and … Continue reading

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A Pope for the Poor: No Matter Your Religion

The latest Time magazine (Jul 29, 2013) has a well-timed article titled:  “A Pope for the Poor:  Will Francis’ Personal Humility and Focus on Poverty Help Revive the Church’s Fortunes on His Home Continent?”  But the title is much too limiting.  … Continue reading

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Comments Concerning De-extinction of Animals

In their April 2013 magazine, National Geographic had an article on de-extinction, the ability to regenerate extinct species.  I also wrote a blog post on the subject which was subsequented reprinted in  The concept of de-extinction hit a nerve with many … Continue reading

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Prehistoric Consumption of Bugs in Utah

A friend recently sent we a copy of Sierra magazine (Jul/Aug 2013).  In it, author Peter Frick-Wright tells of an archaeological investigation that was done at Lakeside Cave, at the southwestern corner of the Great Salt Lake.  It seems the cave had been intermittently … Continue reading

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Putting the “Relief” Back in Relief Society

Kent Larsen has an interesting post on about the original purpose of the LDS Church Relief Society: While we think we understand its purpose based on what the women’s organization does today, the things that Relief Society does have changed … Continue reading

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