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A Swing Set for a School in Urco, Sacred Valley, Peru

Two years ago, while visiting Cuzco and Sacred Valley, Peru, we made the acquaintance of Willow, a local guide, and his brother David, a fabricator.  While there, we constructed a swing set at a preschool in the hills above the … Continue reading

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Elder L. Whitney Clayton: What Was He Thinking?

At the Spring 2016 BYU commencement ceremonies, Elder L. Whitney Clayton left the graduates with a strange message.  In an era when the LDS Church is experiencing difficult times, what is Clayton’s message? importance of maintaining connections with families, friends … Continue reading

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Raised Mormon: Kip Thorne, Cosmic Visionary

Kip Thorne was recently named to Time magazine’s “100 most influential people” list. Tribute by Christopher Nolan, Acclaimed Film Director [1] About 1.3 billion years before Kip Thorne was born, a pair of black holes collided in space, rattling the fabric … Continue reading

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LDS Leadership: Still a Serious Lack of Diversity

After the disappointment experienced by many members of the LDS Church over the recent choice of 3 non-diverse new apostles, the frustration continues. At the Church’s General Conference in April 2016, a new presidency of the Primary (children’s organization) was … Continue reading

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DIY: Monkey Rings and Bars

Monkey rings and bars provide an important form of exercise for young children.  They are an important addition to any outdoor playground. There is an elaborate wooden playground set in a community park in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  It has a … Continue reading

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DIY: Outdoor Balance Beams

There are several interesting designs for low-cost outdoor balance beams. Using pressure-treated 4x4s and patio footing hardware, you can install a simple balance beam.  You can interconnect any number of 4x4s, as shown below. The patio hardware can be concreted … Continue reading

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In Memorium: Elder Marion D. Hanks

By Maryan Myres Shumway [1] I clearly remember many refugee stories–people who are some of my beloved friends. But I also thought of a visionary man, Elder Marion D. Hanks [1921-2011], an LDS General Authority who has a remarkable story … Continue reading

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