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Two Girls Save a Utah Merry-Go-Round

By Rich Kane, Reporter [1] The merry-go-round in Lindsey Gardens is a beat-up hunk of ugly round metal, rusty in parts, with weeds growing beneath it. But for some residents of Salt Lake City’s Avenues, that dilapidated playground ride … Continue reading

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Innovative Design Considerations for Outdoor Playgrounds

There is a wonderful variety of designs and options for outdoor playgrounds, including the following 7: All-Inclusive:  Children with disabilities often cannot play on a standard playground and therefore cannot take advantage of the benefits that play provides.  An all-inclusive … Continue reading

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Anthropocene: A Strong Warning

By Justin Worland, Time (12-19 Sep 2016) As geological epochs have come and gone throughout Earth’s vast history, shifts have often correlated with large-scale global changes like ice ages and mass extinctions.  An asteroid hits the planet, wiping out the dinosaurs, and … Continue reading

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Eastern Gorillas Are Now on the Critically Endangered List

By Caleb Jones, The Associated Press [1] The world’s largest living primate has been listed as critically endangered, making 4 of the 6 great ape species only one step away from extinction, according to a report released Sunday at the … Continue reading

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Observing African Wildlife from a Small Fishing Boat

On previous trips to Ugandan national parks, we have observed riverine wildlife from larger tourist boats.  However, on our most recent trip to Murchison Falls National Park, we traveled the Victoria Nile in a small aluminum fishing boat.  This gave … Continue reading

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African Elephants

This blog has two important missions: highlight the wonders and pleasures of Africa and express concerns over the plight of the earth’s sentient animals, particularly great apes, whales, and elephants. The political cartoon below appeared on (2 Aug 2016). … Continue reading

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