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Mormons Teaching Literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa

by President Norman C. Hill, Ghana Accra West Mission (Ensign, Oct 2015) In sub-Saharan Africa, many people do not know how to read and write.  Illiteracy is so widespread that an old African proverb says, “If you want to hide something, … Continue reading

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Will Robots Ever Qualify for Human Rights?

YES.  If fact, they will demand them by Ray Kurzwell (Time, 21 Sep 2015) There is no way to prove that one entity is conscious and another is not.  Virtual characters can claim to be, but that does not convince … Continue reading

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Mormon Artist Minerva Teichert: Her Disappointments in Later Life

Prologue:  Mormon artist Minerva Teichert was born in 1888 in southern Idaho; studied art in Chicago and New York; and with her husband eventually moved to Cokeville, Wyoming.  During her lifetime, Minerva was a prolific muralist/artist, largely illustrating Mormon-based themes. … Continue reading

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Natural Playgrounds: A Growing Trend

by G. Jeffrey MacDonald (USA Today, 22 Apr. 2010) The playground of the future is beginning to take shape–and it looks a lot like the backyard of the past. Designers of children’s play spaces are increasingly looking beyond slides, jungle … Continue reading

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Why We Shouldn’t Travel

I’m a compulsive traveler; I admit it.  I can’t help myself.  I frequently travel to developing-country environments.  I do it for a variety of reasons.  Foremost, I hope I’m doing some good. My friends and I live, as much as … Continue reading

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Refugees and Undocumented Immigrants

Issues related to refugees and immigrants are continually in the news.  Refugees from the Middle East are overrunning the outer borders of Europe.  Undocumented immigrants (as many as 12 million living in the USA) will be a major issue in … Continue reading

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