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Personal Revelation (or Inspiration) and the LDS Church Leadership

Julienna Viegas-Haws, in an op-ed piece in, gives her definition of a progressive Mormon as one who is less likely than traditional Mormons to believe in:  “obedience to authority above personal inspiration” and “the unquestioned authority of the leaders … Continue reading

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Suggested Actions for Members Struggling with the Recent LDS Letter on Same-sex Marriage

LDS Church leaders recently had an official letter read to the teen and adult membership reiterating the Church’s stand that marriage is an institution for one man and one woman (against Mormon gay marriages).  For those struggling with the Church’s … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Asks the Waldensians for Forgiveness

In June 2015, Pope Francis traveled to northern Italy to visit a Waldensian Church.  While visiting, on behalf of the Catholic Church, he ask for their forgiveness.   (In an earlier post, I provided a brief history of the Waldensians … Continue reading

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Is World Peace Possible?

Time magazine (6-13 Jun 2015) asked this question of two experts and a celebrity:  Zbigniew Brzenzinski, National Security Adviser in the Carter administration; Cass Sunstein, professor at Harvard Law School, and Yoko Ono. Brzenzinski provides one forebodding scenario that might bring … Continue reading

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Dutch Firm to 3-D Print a Bridge

By Dan Kedmey (Time, 6-13 Jun 2015) Dutch firm MX3D recently partnered with software giant Autodesk to build a machine that can “print” bridges in midair.  Its first test will be over an Amsterdam canal in 2017.  Here is how … Continue reading

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The Strange Life of Neurophysiologist (and Dolphin Researcher) John Lilly

By Joshua Foer (NG, May 2015) There are people who go on spiritual retreats to commune with dolphins, women who choose to give birth in the presence of dolphins, and centers that claim to use the powers of dolphin energy … Continue reading

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The Aral Sea: An Environmental Tragedy

By Mark Synnott (NG, Jun 2015) The Aral Sea straddles Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and for thousands of years was fed by two major rivers, the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya.  Having no outflow, the sea’s water level was maintained … Continue reading

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