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Off-line Websites for Developing Countries

We do volunteer work in developing countries.  Among other things, we install playground equipment adjacent to primary schools sited in remote locations.  Many of these schools have no access to line power or the Internet.  We’ve been looking for technologies … Continue reading

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Computer-training Center in Masaka, Uganda

In January (2015), my son-in-law and grandson installed a small computer-training facility in a LDS Chapel in Masaka, Uganda.  The LDS chapel was chosen for several reasons: secure location; rooms available Monday thru Saturday, availability of a relatively high-speed Internet … Continue reading

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Computer Training in LDS Churches

There is a great post on titled:  “How to Teach Girls in Your Stake Computer Programming.”  This a wonderful idea and one that I hope it spreads throughout Mormondom.  According to author Cynthia L: The purpose of the activity … Continue reading

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The “Ensign’s” Credibility Hits a New Low

In the March 2015 Ensign magazine–an official publication of the LDS Church–hits a new low.  Despite minor steps forward:  (1) reprinting Elder Jeffery R. Hollands remark about Mother Teresa (page 8) and an angel with wings (pages 1 and 5), there are … Continue reading

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Computer Training Facility Installed in Masaka, Uganda

During a January 2015 trip to Uganda, I helped (but only a little) with the installation of a computer training facility in the city of Masaka, located 120 kilometers southwest of Kampala.  The project, for the moment, is quite modest. … Continue reading

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An Important Opportunity to Help End Poverty in Africa

The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) and the Brighter Brain Institute (BBI) are sponsoring a project to demonstrate how technology and training can help alleviate poverty and improve education in Uganda, one of the poorest countries in Africa.  The project is … Continue reading

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Mormon Transhumanists . . . What is Our Responsibility?

In a clarion call, Dr. Miriam Leis calls on transhumanists to get more involved in politics, business management, and perhaps even ecclesiastical hierarchies.  She starts out by describing the “sad” state-of-affairs: Although many transhumanist ideas may sound disruptive and revolutionary … Continue reading

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