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Mormon Apologetics: Doing More Harm than Good?

For me, Mormon apologetics has gotten ridiculous lately.  Here are two cases in point: Ben Withington’s Patheos blog post titled “Why Mormonism is not Christianity–The Issue of Christology.” John G. Turner’s op-ed piece in the NYTimes (18 Aug 2012) titled:  … Continue reading

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Romney, the Marriotts, and Situational Ethics

The following appeared in Time magazine (3 Sept 2012): More than once, according to [Geoffrey] Rehnert and [Marc] Wolpow (Mitt Romney’s colleagues at Bain Capital), someone brought up Colt’s and Remington as prospects.  Each time the result was the same.  … Continue reading

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NBC’s “Mormons in America”: A Review

On August 23, 2012, Thursday night (10 pm EDT), NBC aired a 1-hour news show titled:  Mormons in America.  The goal of the show was to introduce Mormonism to the viewing public.  I wasn’t very comfortable with the final product, … Continue reading

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A Geologist Investigates Noah’s Flood

The following is taken from a page on the University of Washington’s website.  It recounts a conversation with David Montgomery, a geomorphologist and professor of Earth and space sciences at the UofW, who has just written a new book titled:  The … Continue reading

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Conflict Minerals of Eastern Congo

The following is an exerpt from a Time magazine (27 Aug 2012) article by Michael Christopher Brown: Like many photojournalists, I’ve been shooting with my iPhone for a while.  Using a mobile phone allows me to be somewhat invisible as a … Continue reading

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The Recent Ebola Outbreak in Uganda

A little over a month ago, I was in the Fort Portal area of west-central Uganda.  Our group was on a chimpanzee trek.  We only stayed one night. In July, after I got back to the US, there was a reported Ebola … Continue reading

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Mormon Humorist Writing about Evolution

The following is from a column by Robert Kirby in the SLTrib (18 Aug 2012): While evolution is generally regarded by the deeply religious as the primary province of scientists/atheists, I’ve alway taken great spiritual comfort in it. I love … Continue reading

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Is Broadway Irrelevant to Mormons?

Friday night, 17 Aug 2012, there was a birthday party for President Thomas S. Monson in the LDS Conference Center in SLC.  According to the SLTrib, “One might have mistaken it for a Broadway show.” Soaring voices belted musical theater … Continue reading

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Laurel Thatcher Ulrich on LDS Treatment of Women

The following is taken from a (16 Aug 2012) article written by Peggy Fletcher Stack.  According to Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, who teaches history at Harvard, Mormonism’s most pressing gender issue is “the great disappearance”: “I see articulate, spiritually aware, productive, … Continue reading

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The Wiener Truck

Earlier this week, I went hiking around Sundance Ski Resort in the mountains north of Provo Canyon.  As I was returning down the Sundance access road, I noted an unusual vehicle several cars in front of me.  From the rear it looked like a … Continue reading

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