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Denver Snuffer Jr and Leaderless Organizations

Denver Snuffer‘s apostasy from the LDS Church has generated a lot of heat.  A recent major story in the about Snuffer and his movement has been wildly popular.  His books generate a lot of discussion and his presentations are … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Laureate Comments on Current State of Climate Change Modeling

At the recent Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting for the Economic Sciences, Lars Peter Hansen my younger brother, commented on the current state of climate change modeling: Discussions of climate change and economics can be challenging. There is nervousness in many … Continue reading

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Brief Movie Review: War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

This most recent installment (Apes III) of the reborn Planet of the Apes movie series is a mess.  As much as I would like to recommend it, I can’t. Through the years, I’ve observed three of the four varieties of … Continue reading

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“Power to the Crackpots” Really?

I used to have the following political cartoon by Charles Barsotti prominently displayed on a wall in my home. However, with the election of Donald Trump (whom I didn’t vote for) to be PROTUS, I’m rethinking my political philosophy.  And … Continue reading

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Homage to Dian Fossey

By Elizabeth Royte, NG, Sep 2017 On an overcast morning, with temperatures in the mid-50s, it takes me nearly two hours to hike from the outskirts of Bisate [Rwanda] through calf-deep mud and shoulder-high nettles to the research site established … Continue reading

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Installing Playground Equipment at an Orphanage for Special-Needs Children

This summer, family members (my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson) and I installed our first playground specifically set up for children with special needs (in this case, severely handicapped).  The work was done at an orphanage in northern South America. Three … Continue reading

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Old-time Playground in Frenchglenn, Oregon

The small community of Frenchglen, Oregon, is a through-back in time.  Everyplace along the main drag is quaintly old.  And that goes for the schoolhouse. After my son, 3 granddaughters, and I had a picnic lunch adjacent to the funky … Continue reading

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Meditation on America’s Southern Border Fence

By Richard Misrach, NG, Sep 2017 How much good does the Mexican border fence do?  People can climb over it, tunnel under it, and–when it abruptly ends–walk around it. Functionally speaking, a border wall attempts to do two things.  One … Continue reading

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