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Nobel Prize Laureate Visits Montezuma Creek’s Navajo Schools

On April 1st, Dr. Lars Peter Hansen, 2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, dropped by for a short visit at Whitehorse High School and Montezuma Creek Elementary, both in Montezuma Creek, Utah.   At the high school, he spent time with … Continue reading

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Lars Peter Hansen: My Visits to Elementary Schools

by Lars Peter Hansen, PhD My brother Roger [web host for TRW] is doing considerable work in the northern region of the Navajo Nation, located near the Four Corners of the southwestern USA.  He asked if could talk to students … Continue reading

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Armenia: A Personal History

I’m not from Armenia (the majority of my great-great grandparents are from Scandinavia), but since college, I’ve had a fascination for the country and it tragic history.  I first “discovered” Armenia during a graduate history class at Brigham Young University.  I wrote … Continue reading

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Why Is Playground Equipment Important in Developing Countries?

In 2014, my friends, colleagues, family, and I have installed playground equipment in Ecuador, Peru, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cambodia, and the Navajo Nation.  In the last 6 years in Uganda alone, we have installed swing sets and other playground equipment at … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again, Old Testament Biblical Dating

John P. Pratt, PhD in Astronomy (from the University of Arizona), has developed a biblical timeline back to Adam (and Eve).  His extensive “research” was recently summarized in Meridian Magazine.  And here are the dates: The Exodus:  1462 BC Great Flood: … Continue reading

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Is the Mormon Version of the “Prosperity Gospel” Really Dead?

According to Tracy M, writing at, Elder Dallin Oaks “brought the hammer down on the Prosperity Gospel.”  Maybe. According to a talk given at the Elder Oaks: Those who believe in what has been called the theology of prosperity … Continue reading

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Historicity of the Book of Job: Does It Matter?

In a new book titled Re-reading Job:  Understanding the Ancient World’s Greatest Poem, the author Michael Austin devotes several pages to the issue of the historicity of Job.  At first, I thought this was a silly issue.  Of course, Job isn’t history, … Continue reading

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