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What Are Our Responsibilities as Co-creators of the Earth?

I have frequently made the argument that we are co-creators of the Earth.  In the past, I have largely made this argument to justify Mormon environmentalism.  But being co-creators could mean so much more.  It could also mean enhancing the … Continue reading

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An Atheist’s Thoughtful Observation

In Time magazine (29 Sep 2014), the following question is put to British novelist Ian McEwan.  His answer is very enlightening. A family in [your new novel The Children Act] wants to withhold medical treatment for their child because they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses. … Continue reading

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Cartoons: Bastardizing Pat Bagley’s Work

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Ebola: Reporting from West Africa

By Jackson Niamah, Physician’s Assistant With Doctors Without Borders, Monrovia, Liberia I first heard about cases of Ebola in March.  Soon after, the disease came here to Monrovia [Liberia] from then on, people started dying. My niece, Francia Kollie, and … Continue reading

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Can Technology Help Save Africa?

My latest post discussing possible technology fixes for Africa is at

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“The Drop”: A Movie Review

The Drop is a great movie, but it is definitely for adults because of subject matter, language, and some violence.  The movie gets its name from the expression “drop bar,” a covert place for funneling cash to local gangsters.  The excellent … Continue reading

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Recent LDS Essays Need Attribution.

For about a year, the LDS Church has been posting on its website scholarly essays about controversial subjects: Did Mormons abandon polygamy in 1890? Did Brigham Young order the Mountain Meadow Massacre? Do LDS believe a person can become like … Continue reading

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Possible Reasons for BYU and BYU-Idaho Dress Codes

BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho both have fairly strict dress codes.  Although, they are not as strict today as they were when I attended BYU-P in the late 60s and early 70s.  Then women couldn’t wear pants, and skirts and dresses had … Continue reading

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Bottom-Up Ecclesiastical Innovation

By Joerg Rieger [1] At present most people believe that change has to be implemented from the top down.  Our images of God are part of the problem (increasing abyss between the rich and the poor):  even progressives still assume … Continue reading

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Justification for a Mormon Liberation Theology

By  Joerg Rieger [1] In the Jesus tradition, God becomes human in the person of someone who is referred to as a “carpenter” but who is really more like a day laborer in construction:  not the guy driving the pickup … Continue reading

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