Anna Lou Rees Hansen (Mother)

By Lars Hansen, Son
 Anna Lou Rees Hansen and her husband, Gaurth Hansen met as children in Smithfield, Utah, where her father, Dr. George Rees was a family physician who served much of Cache valley for decades.   She graduated from Utah State University in 1942 with a degree in clothing and textiles. She married Gaurth Hansen in 1943.  She was an accomplished homemaker, using skills she learned Utah State University degree not only in her home life but also in support of a variety of charitable activities.  She had the primary responsibility for raising their three sons, Roger, Ted, and Lars while her husband developed his academic career as  a biochemist at the University of Utah, University of Illinois, Michigan State University prior to arriving at Utah State University. Gaurth Hansen served as Provost and member of the Biochemistry Department at Utah State University from 1968-1994. During these years Anna Lou Hansen used her considerable talents in the home and the community through countless volunteer hours helping children develop their reading skills. She has been a long-standing supporter of Utah State University especially during the extended time period when her husband was Provost.   Two of her sons, Roger and Lars also have degrees from Utah State University.
Anna Lou Coloring with Her Great Granddaughter Margot (Maggie).

Anna Lou Coloring with Her Great Granddaughter Margot (Maggie).

The Anna Lou Rees Hansen scholarship, that she established at USU, is for outstanding junior, senior, or graduate students who demonstrate financial need.  The scholarship targets exceptional students studying family and consumer sciences education.