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Designing a DIY Teeter Totter (Seesaw)

When constructing a DIY teeter totter, proportions are important.   We recommend that the height of the pivot be approximately 30 inches above the ground.  The length the teeter totter works well at 10 feet.  The wooden beam is 2 … Continue reading

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Sad State of the School for the Deaf in Lira, Uganda

Today (6 Jun) we spent the day working at the Nancy School for the Deaf in Lira, Uganda.  The school is a sad place.  The dormitories are in poor condition and there are few recreational possibilities.  The school has no … Continue reading

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Recent Suggestions for Improving LDS Missions

The subject of Mormon full-time missions has been a popular discussion area on the bloggeracle lately.  Two recent posts make important points. Dave Banack on states unequivocally:  “We need to make the LDS mission a better experience for our … Continue reading

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Swing Sets: Some New Approaches and Ideas

Most of our efforts to construct swing sets and other playground equipment in isolated locations around the world have revolved around fabricating and installing new equipment.  But I think it’s time to start looking at additional approaches including:  fabricating with … Continue reading

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“Bad Words” Are in the News Again

The NFL is currently looking at penalizing a team when if any of their players use the n-word (15 yards for unsportsman-like conduct).  Seventy percent of the NFL is black and apparently most of the offenders are blacks trashing  talking … Continue reading

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The Vastness and Diversity of the Universe

A recent newspaper article reminded me of the vastness and diversity of the universe.  According to When astronomers turn to the skies in search of life on other planets, they’re usually looking for places like Earth. What if another … Continue reading

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“Elements,” New Monumental Artwork in Green River, UT

Another monumental sculptural piece (or land art) now graces the town of Green River, Utah. This enigmatic work–titled “Elements”–is near another cryptic piece titled “The Ratio.” Both are the work of artist Andrew Rogers and were financed by Herbert Steiner, … Continue reading

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