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The Scourge of Plastic Bags and Bottles

I spend a lot of time in Uganda.  There are empty plastic bags and bottles littered everywhere.  It is a major epidemic in the country, and also in the world. I was recently in Sihanoukville, Cambodia (2019).  The shoreline of … Continue reading

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Outdoor Waterless Urinals in Paris

Over 50 years ago, I served an LDS mission in northeastern France (Alsace-Lorraine).  Public urination was a problem.  For example, on the exterior of Strasbourg’s beautiful Gothic cathedral were “defense d’uriner” (don’t urinate) signs.  The signs didn’t seem to do … Continue reading

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Utah Looking to Protect “Dark Skies”

By Dawn House, writer for [1] Utah is emerging as a global leader in protecting dark skies from light pollution, attracting visits to the Colorado Plateau that during the next decade are expected to pump $2.5 billion into rural economies. … Continue reading

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Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel

I love projects that use ancient technology to solve modern problems. Baltimore’s “Mr. Trash Wheel is one such project. According to a short article by Eve Conant (NG April 2016): The rising star of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, known to locals … Continue reading

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Is World Peace Possible?

Time magazine (6-13 Jun 2015) asked this question of two experts and a celebrity:  Zbigniew Brzenzinski, National Security Adviser in the Carter administration; Cass Sunstein, professor at Harvard Law School, and Yoko Ono. Brzenzinski provides one forebodding scenario that might bring … Continue reading

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Getting Real About Water Conservation

Every time a region of the United States enters a short- or long-term drought, out come the histrionics.  “The sky is falling.”  But crying “wolf” is not a remedy.   Careful planning by considering existing and future technological advances is … Continue reading

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Recycling Urine into Drinking Water

On our last trip to Uganda, we were accompanied by Michael Flynn, a life-support engineer at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA. The following is from an article by Boonsri Dickinson at Flynn has a pretty important … Continue reading

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