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Mormon Stereotyping: How Necessary Is It?

I’m tired of the LDS Church stereotyping members and non-members alike? If you are female, you are a nurturer and a homemaker.  You cannot have a major decision-making position in the Church.  If you are a male, you are the … Continue reading

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Has the LDS Church Lost Its Sense of Humor?

At a recent local Sacrament Meeting, our Ward Bishop gave an unusual talk.  He encouraged us to be better members.  And how do we become better members?  I can only remember 3 of his 7 suggestions. The first was to … Continue reading

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Mormonism: Are Our Roots in Ancient Christianity or Treasure Seeking?

With the recent release of photographs of one of Joseph Smith’s seer stones, the issue of Mormonism’s “magical” past is again at the forefront of scholarly discussions.  I don’t have a problem with seer stones per se.  After all, LDS … Continue reading

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Inventive Ways Global Cities Are Conserving Water

by Justin Worland (Time, 31 Aug 2015) Below are four inventive ways that cities around the globe are working to conserve water: Floating Shade Balls:  Los Angeles’s is using shade balls, which blocks the sun over reservoirs to prevent evaporation … Continue reading

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More Playground Equipment Installed in Northern Navajo Country

Last week, a friend and I installed playground equipment at 3 separate locations on the northeastern edge of the Navajo Nation.  The first was at a preschool in Montezuma Creek, Utah.  There we installed a domed-shaped, monkey-bar set that we … Continue reading

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Why I’m Struggling with My Mormonism

These last few months have been a real struggle for me.  For the last 50 years, I haven’t been a strong member.  But things have gotten decidedly worse lately. So what has happened recently? Seer Stone:  The recent pictures of … Continue reading

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A Newly Discovered Ernest Untermann Sr. Oil Painting

I recently purchased an Ernest G. Untermann Sr. oil painting.  In the last few years of life, Untermann joined his son and daughter-in-law at the Natural History Museum in Vernal, Utah.  At the time, Ernest was in his 90’s.  During … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Book of Job

By Michael Austin (from his book Re-reading Job:  Understanding the Ancient World’s Greatest Poem) At its core, the OT Book of Job teaches us how to live.  As we peel back its layers, we find solid advice about things that matter in … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and the Nature of Change

Pope Francis is shaking up the Catholic Church by encouraging, and in some cases, forcing change on the 2,000-year-old Church.  He wants: a renewed emphasis on helping the poor, those living in the margins, reforms to the Vatican Bank and … Continue reading

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