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Go For It, Please

In a recent edition of SIVault, L. Jon Wertheim writes about the decision-making of the football coach for the Pulaski Academy Bruins (a high school located on the west side of Little Rock AR).  For me the article, brought to my attention by … Continue reading

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Looking for Adventure

After flying from Utah to New Mexico, we headed north out of Albuquerque and then turned left at Taos.  After crossing the volcanic Rio Grande Canyon, we arrived at Earthship, a troglodyte community located in the New Mexico desert.  While waiting … Continue reading

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Technology . . . A Cautionary Tale

Time Magazine (Sept 28, 2009) has an interesting short article on Wikepedia: “. . . early in 2007, something strange happened:  Wikipedia’s growth line flattened.  People suddenly became reluctant to create new articles or fix errors or add their kernels … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

It is estimated that 8,000 homes in the Navajo Nation are without reliable water.  And many are without commercial power.  The Indian Health Service (IHS) and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) will not be able to provide services to many … Continue reading

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 I feel strongly that members of the human race are co-creators of the Earth with God.  That we will be held accountable for the impact we have on this planet.  The creation was not a static event, but very much … Continue reading

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Coast Guard 2.0

The following article appeared as a side bar in Government Executive (July 2009).  It illustrates some of the collaboration potential of the new electronic media options: “When the U.S. Coast Guard’s Boutwell made a recent port call in Djibouti, Commandant Adm. … Continue reading

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At one of the 2009 SLC Sunstone workshops, a Weber State Professor — Michael J. Stevens — taught a short course in management.  He described 4 types of managers ranging from disrespectful to respectful, and dominant to submissive: Q1:  Imposer … Continue reading

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