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One Painful Sacrament Meeting

I’ve been skipping church a lot lately. For a couple of years, I attended Sacrament Meeting regularly, largely to keep my wife company. However, over the last year my attendance has fallen off. There are many reasons why, principally a … Continue reading

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My Grandfather’s Mormon Mission Vacations

On Monday, June 12, 1905, my grandfather (Dr. George LeRoy Rees) accompanied by his brother left Cache Valley for Salt Lake City: ” , , , there were no missionary schools or preparatory work and on June 13th in the … Continue reading

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Religion, Meaningful Discussion, and Pop Culture

When I compare the Mormon church meetings of my youth in East Lansing, Michigan, with contemporary meetings in Orem, Utah, the differences are depressing. These differences are probably caused by several factors: (1) the locations of the individual wards; (2) … Continue reading

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