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The Zoramites and I (or Should It Be Me?)

In a recent article in the Ensign (Sep 2014), Elder L. Whitney Clayton–of the LDS Presidency of the Seventy–likens me, a “less-active member,” to the “iniquitous” Zoramites.  So who were the Zoramites?  They were a sect mentioned in the Book of Mormon … Continue reading

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LDS Official Says “Be Agents of Action” in Developing Countries

By Elder Robert C. Gay, First Quorum of the Seventy [1] Years ago some of my associates and I began partnerships that extended loans to impoverished people in India.  One of the first women we loaned money to built a … Continue reading

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LDS Tributes to Mother Teresa

By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Quorum of the Twelve [1] A journalist once questioned Mother Teresa of Calcutta about her hopeless task of rescuing the destitute in that city.  He said that, statistically speaking, she was accomplishing absolutely nothing.  This … Continue reading

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Comments about Mormon Missions, Part XI (Walker Wright)

by Walker Wright (from Stats of mission tracting and contacting were unreliable.  I knew for a fact that over the past year missionaries had lied about their stats.  I had lied about my stats on occasion.  I also knew … Continue reading

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Change and Mormon Feminism

Neyland McBaine, a brand strategist at Bonneville Communications, has come up with suggestions for enhancing the role of women in the LDS Church (She proposes a middle path between the status quo and what groups like Ordain Women are advocating.). … Continue reading

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LDS Church and Ebola in West Africa

Earlier this month, because of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the LDS Church withdrew its missionaries for Liberia and Sierra Leone.  But it left its local members behind. The Mormon Church has a minor presence in the two countries; … Continue reading

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LDS Church and Boy Scouts Need to Split Company

Updated:  26 Aug 2014 Last week, a letter and attachment were dropped off at our home encouraging us to contribute financially to the Boy Scout program (I live in Utah County).  I was disappointed with the attachment; it emphasizes the … Continue reading

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