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Young People with Ties to Utah Making a Big Splash Internationally

The world needs a lot of help these days, particularly in developing countries.  Here are three innovations that are truly intriguing: World Cart:  While traveling through Peru, Charles and Amy Wood–two students from Brigham Young University  (BYU)–met a family that … Continue reading

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Nukus Museum: “Le Louvre des Steppe”

As I get older and closer to retirement from my job of 34 years, I’ve begun making a bucket list, a list of places that I want to experience while I’m still in comparatively good health. Coincidentally, a few weeks back, I … Continue reading

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Replacements for Human Body Parts

According to an article by Alexandra Sifferlin titled:  “He, Robot:  The high-tech future of the human body” in Time magazine (15 Feb 2013): He sees, he walks, his heart pumps blood.  But Rex, as he’s called in the U.K., where … Continue reading

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Is “Dexter” Finding Religion?

I love the Showtime hit drama “Dexter.”  The trials of America’s favorite serial killer are very intoxicating to watch.  The language is rough, the violence is mostly implied, and the sex and nudity by today’s standards are fairly tame. The trouble is … Continue reading

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“Three Cups of Tea” or “Three Cups of Deceit”

Allen Best in High Country News in an article about Greg Mortenson, the embattled former mountain climber who has been accused of “taking giant liberties with the truth in his inspiring, Three Cups of Tea, as well as with using donations intended to build … Continue reading

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Joy of Killing

On Sunday, 1 May 2011, President Barack Obama went on television at 9:36 pm MST, and announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed in his compound outside of Islamabad, Pakistan.  In an obvious attempt to bolter his sagging approval … Continue reading

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Mormon Political Candidates and “The Book of Mormon” Musical

Kathleen Flake writing for the Washington Post (viewed in the SLTrib 6 April 2011), asks the question:  What should Mormon presidential candidates do or say about the current Broadway hit musical “The Book of Mormon”? . . . I say … Continue reading

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