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Eastern Congo: Falling Apart

This last summer I spent several days in southern Uganda, around the city of Kabale.  Nearby, just across the border, is the Congolese city of Goma.  According to Time magazine (3 Dec 2012): Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s war-torn, … Continue reading

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Teilhard de Chardin: A Short Take on His Influence

The following is New York Times columnist’s–Ross Douthat’s–one paragraph take on the theories of Teilhard de Chardin (from Bad Religion, p. 86): Teilhard de Chardin, the brilliant Jesuit paleontologist-philosopher who died in relative obscurity in 1960, [was] to become a kind of posthumous … Continue reading

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Service as a Form of Sunday Worship

I’ve always been disturbed by the number of make-work jobs in the LDS Church.  There are also those boring Sunday meetings (particularly Sacrament Meeting).  I’ve wondered about alternative forms of Sunday worship, and then along came Hurricane Sandy.  According to … Continue reading

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What is Your Ethical Type? (A Short Test)

At a local leadership meeting at my agency, we were given a test to determine our ethical type (out of 6 options).  There were 42 questions.  But they were very repetitious.  So I will just present 6 questions here.  From these six questions, … Continue reading

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Comments about Mormon Missions, Part VI (Robert Kirby)

In a recent column in the SLTrib (17 Nov 2012), humorist Robert Kirby made the following comments about his Mormon mission to Uruguay-Paraguay: Popular post-mission claims to the contrary, my mission was not the best two years of my life.  … Continue reading

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Manti Te’o, Mormon Football Star at Notre Dame

I love bios like the Manti Te’o’s.  Manti is a Mormon of Samoan descent from Hawaii who is in his senior year as an inside linebacker for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  He is an incredible football player and is … Continue reading

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Argo, A Movie Review

Before I start listing the things that are wrong with the film Argo, let me say that I enjoyed it.  The problem I have with movies that are based on  “true” stories is that the scriptwriters and directors, in order … Continue reading

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