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“On the Road” to the Scenic Cove Chapter, Navajo Nation

The Navajo city of Shiprock, which sits astride the San Juan River, is an arid, dusty community located in the northwest corner of New Mexico.  Its namesake is a majestic volcanic monolith (neck)  located just to the west.   Shiprock … Continue reading

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More Swing Sets for the Northern Navajo Nation

Last week, a friend and I (with the help of locals) installed and repaired swing sets in the northern Navajo Nation. On Monday, we assembled and installed a 4-seat, double-wide swing set at a small park located adjacent to the … Continue reading

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Constructing a Swing Set in the Amazonian Jungle

Last summer, we spent 2 days at a jungle lodge in eastern Peru.  While there, we visited a local school and promised to construct a swing set. Earlier this year (2015), David Torres, the brother of our Cuzco guide, traveled to Puerto Maldonado to … Continue reading

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The Case of the Dueling Holy Spirits (Ghosts)

Recently, a LDS bishop fired a Sunday School teacher for discussing pre-1978 Mormon black history, the groundbreaking 2013 essay titled “Race and the Priesthood,” and other historic racial documents with his class of teenagers.  Here is how the story was … Continue reading

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We Need to Be Careful About Who We Venerate

There have been two recent examples of misplaced religious veneration; both examples insult Native Americas. The first example involves a book recently published by Deseret Book, a LDS publishing firm, and written by Clark B. Hinckley.  The book–titled Christopher Columbus:  A … Continue reading

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