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No Blind Obedience in Mormonism, Really?

In a recent blog entry (T&S; 28 Sep 2012), Ben Huff describes Mormonism’s concept of obedience as follows: Rather than calling us to blindly obey human religious authorities, Mormonism calls us to approach our faith with active minds and hearts, … Continue reading

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Bill Nye (Science Guy) on the Age of the Earth

According to Sean Means writing in the SLTrib (27 Sep 2012): It was considered headline news this week when Bill Nye, aka “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” said in an interview and in a YouTube video that the Earth has … Continue reading

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One Mormon’s Opinion of Genesis

Here is RJH’s (Ronan’s) take (from on the early chapters of Genesis: One thing that might help is that we expect too much from ancient histories.  History as a genre is a modern idea.  Nowadays we expect history to … Continue reading

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The Master: A Movie Review

I hated the movie The Master almost as much as I hated last year’s The Tree of Life (which was nominated for an Academy Award).  Both movies are pretentious, overly long, and ultimately a total waste of time. The Master is … Continue reading

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Cell Phones For Africa

In Time magazine (1 Oct 2012), President Clinton in a piece called “Phones Mean Freedom” makes the case for global optimism: Forget what you may have heard about a digital divide or worries that the world is splintering into “info … Continue reading

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Premium Rush: A Movie Review

I liked the movie Premium Rush more than I thought I would.  I wondered how they could make an interesting movie where the principal action is bike riding in New York City?  While the director and actors pull it off, the movie was … Continue reading

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Crop Insurance: Help for African?

The following is taken from an article written by Stephan Faris in Time magazine (24 Sep 2012): The idea [crop insurance] is simple.  Instead of relying on food aid to help farmers after a drought has hit, aid agencies can … Continue reading

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