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“Gran Torino,” A Movie Review

A few nights ago, I rewatched Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino.”  I love this movie.  It is rated “R,” principally for language.  At times, it seems like every other word is either a racial slur, the f-bomb, or a crude swear … Continue reading

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Full Court Press

Two articles in this week’s periodicals paint a less-than-flattering image of official and unofficial Mormons.  The first appeared in Time Magazine in a review of the movie “The Book of Eli.”  The second was the lead article (complete with cover … Continue reading

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“Avatar,” A Movie Review

I recently went to see “Avatar.”  I give it an “A” for special effects (with reservations) and a “D-” for plot. Here are my random comments about the movie:

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Let’s Not Get Serious

There are two commercials currently running on national television that I place on opposite ends of the like/dislike spectrum.

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