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African Students Enjoying Inflatables

SeeeMe, a Utah-based humanitarian organization, supports an elementary school (Queen of Peace) in Mbale, Uganda.  As part the school’s end-of-year activities, we rented inflatables for the students to enjoy.

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LDS Church Humanitarian Efforts

It appears that the LDS Church doesn’t donate much to humanitarian efforts.  Since Church finances are mostly secret, this analysis is based on conjecture and selective information provided by the Church.  According to President Russell Nelson in an October 2019 … Continue reading

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Tiered Tithing Proposal for the LDS Church

By Peggy Fletcher Stack (excerpt from [Historian Michael] Quinn argues that those facing financial hardships should be allowed to pay less [than the required 10 percent]. “Over time, it has been demonstrated that tithing is a reasonable financial obligation … Continue reading

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Joni Mitchell’s Protest of a LDS Decision

Recently LDS Church officials decided to shutdown a neighborhood garden (the Church owns the land) and “put up a parking lot.” The Outreach Community Garden covers 1.5 acres embedded inside an east Salt Lake City block, where neighbors have tended … Continue reading

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How to Afford Charitable Donations (If You’re LDS)

In a recent column on, Robert Kirby described how he and his wife pay “tithing” to their respective churches.  Robert is a Latter-day Saint, his wife is not. I pay tithing my way. Living in a split-faith marriage, my … Continue reading

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Charity: How Important Are Motives?

In a recent post on, Stephen R. Marsh is very critical of charity that is used as a form of holiday entertainment: At the same time, there are people with great needs as winter approaches, weather becomes harsh and … Continue reading

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Sage Advise to Cambodian Youth

On a recent visit (Nov 2019) to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, President Russell T Nelson of the Latter-day Saint Church made the following recommendation: [He] reminded the many youth present of their “religious responsibility to get a good education.” This education, … Continue reading

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