A Lively Playground Rocker

We are constantly looking for new types of playground equipment to install, designs that are appropriate for a developing country environment. We started by building swing sets based on an American design. We then added seesaws and pyramidal-topped climbing towers.

Colorful Playground Rocker

Colorful Playground Rocker

Recently in Masaka, Uganda, we discovered an interesting design for a rocker, a combination seesaw and swing. We decided to try one out. I wasn’t sure kids would like it.

We transported the rocker to an isolated school located south of Masaka. After we showed the kids how to use it, they got a little too enthusiastic. Hopefully, when the novelty wears off, it will be more enjoyable and a little less hectic. It seems like a fun group activity.

Somewhere in This Mass of Humanity Is a Rocker

Somewhere in This Mass of Humanity Is a Rocker

I like this rocker because it has no moving parts. But I wonder how safe it is; and it requires a fairly large flat area.

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