Our One-Car Crash in Uganda

Yesterday was a crazy and tiring day. We set out from Kabale, Uganda, at 8:00 am. We were headed to the Batwa Pygmy community in mountains, a 3-hrs drive from Kabale. The last 50 miles were on a rocky gravel road.

Our Flipped SUV

Our Flipped SUV

I was rocking out (with my headphones on) to the sounds of the Stones, ZZ-Top, Tom Petty, Neil Young, and CCR. We occasionally saw wlldlife along the road, monkeys and small brown antelope. One boy along the road was showing off his camilleon.

A few miles before we were to arrive at our destination, our driver lost control of our SUV. The vehicle veered to the left. On returning to the road it spun 180 degrees into a ditch and then rolled on its side.

Damage to Our SUV

Damage to Our SUV

Luckily nobody was hurt. We all had our seat belts on. It was a bit of a chore getting out of the vehicle but we managed.

By the time we had gotten out of the SUV, we had attracted a crowd of local villagers. They worked for an hour to get our vehicle upright.

We decided to continue to the Batwa school where we were going to install a small swing set. We negotiated a bad deal to get ourselves and the swing equipment to the school.

Pygmy Woman Trying Out the Swing Set

Pygmy Woman Trying Out the Swing Set

Unfortunately, the newly-rented small pickup could not climb the sandy, rocky “road” to the school, so several of us carried the swing parts the last half-mile. It was a hot day, even in the mountains. Several locals stayed around to help us, including a middle-aged Batwa woman. After about 2 hrs we had the swing assembled and concreted in.

Small Swing Set for the Batwa Pygmies (with Installation Crew)

Small Swing Set for the Batwa Pygmies (with Installation Crew)

The sponsor of our project, an Anglican Canon, agreed to give us a ride back to Kabale. The owner of our damaged SUV didn’t want us riding in his vehicle. So our driver rode back to town alone.

Our three-hour trip back to Kabale was largely uneventful. The Canon took a much longer route, but the gravel road was better.

About halfway through the trip we were forced off the road by a large, speeding bus. We ended up in another ditch. Unfortunately, there was a man standing in the ditch. Fortunately, we were able to stop about a foot short of hitting him. No problem, we just pulled out ditch and continued.

We got back to Kabale at 8:30 pm. We were dropped off at our favorite restaurant. Even though I hadn’t eaten all day, I wasn’t very hungry. We took boda-bodas (small motorbikes with drivers) back to our hotel. It had been a long and eventful day. I was tired.

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