We Are Selling Ugandan Coffee

Subsistence farmers in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains grow coffee beans as a cash crop.  Coffee brewed from their beans has great taste and aroma, and is organic and fair trade.  Unfortunately, the area, located in western Uganda adjacent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is still very poor.  Many of the mountain villages, because of their isolation, have a desperate need for assistance, particularly the schools.

One avenue to assist these farmers and villagers is with the marketing and sales of their coffee beans.  Friends and I have brought back beans on several occasions. They were roasted and ground and the resulting brew gets great reviews from coffee drinkers.

Children showing Off Rwenzori Mtn Coffee Beans

As a fundraiser, we are marketing Rwenzori Mountain Coffee in 12 oz. bags.  The beans are roasted and ground by Great Basin Coffee in Provo, UT. 

Bag of Our Favorful Rwenzori Mountain Coffee

The price for this highly-prized, specialty coffee is $14/bag.  All profits go to Uganda projects, including many in the Rwenzori Mountains.  To purchase coffee, please contact me.  Because of shipping costs, bigger orders are appreciated.

Rwenzori coffee is currently being featured at “Salt and Honey Market” in downtown Salt Lake City.  Our display is located next to the register.

Rwenzori Mountain Coffee Display at “Salt and Honey Market” (The Cute Girl in the Photograph is My Granddaughter)

Roger Hansen, rogerdhansen45@gmail.com, 385-245-5080 (cell) 

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